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4 year old
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  1. Gaited Horses
    There's a 4 year old KMSH mare for sale I might look at in a few weeks,and if we get her I'm having her as a show horse. But the thing is,what kind of shows can they do,preferably western? Help!
  2. Horse Conformation Critique
    These are some pics of her before she went to the place I am getting her from. And here are some pictures of her after the person got her. This is her current condition. Please critique her as best as you can. She is the horse on the left. I want to use her for jumping and english...
  3. Horse Training
    Hey! Thanks for viewing! I am a green rider who bought a green horse...OKAY OKAY...I KNOW already....that was a bad idea- but blame my old TRAINER for that one...I have already fallen in love with my Charlie Boy- so its too late to do anything about it... Now lets move on... I have since...
1-3 of 3 Results