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  1. Horse Talk
    Everyone (I hope) loves a cute horse, or when horses do cute things. I've seen a lot of cute pictures on other threads, but how does your horse--or one you know-- show affection? Elvis, a Welsh pony I exercise, will shove his head into my side whenever I'm near him, or after a walk. Especially...
  2. Horse Talk
    My horse has never caused me any problems, he's very sweet friendly....but lately he has been taking my arm and putting his mouth around it and just gently rubbing his teeth on it, almost like massaging. But, when I go to pull my arm away he pulls back and it's almost like a gentle tug of war...
  3. Horse Talk
    Hi everyone. If this is in the wrong place...:lol: Last night I was at the barn and I had my girl in the cross ties. She was a MUDDY mess! So I was brushing all the mud off when I got to her back end. Now mind you, she didn't have her ears back and she wasn't showing me the least bit of...
1-3 of 3 Results