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  1. Horse Health
    Hello! I purchased a lovely gelding and I’m super happy with him. He’s supposed to be 9 years old with a foaling date of May 2013. During my vet check she suggested that he’s probably closer to 12-13 years old based on his teeth. The previous owners are adamant about his age, but his Galvayne’s...
  2. Leasing, Loaning, Buying, Rescuing
    Hey! I'm just wondering how old your horse was when you bought him or her and what your experience was like! Like, why did you choose this horse? What was on your list of necessities before purchasing your new pal? :) How was your initial relationship when first meeting them vs. now? :)
  3. Horse Talk
    I rescued my beautiful girl and was told she was 20, i finally caught a glimpse of her teeth and wanted to know if y’all think 20 is her correct age? I don’t have pics of her bottoms yet , just wanna see what y’all think
  4. Horse Health
    We bought a gelding P.O.A. and halflinger cross for my kids as a beginner pony. We were told he was 12 but looking at his teeth I just can’t tell. I honestly don’t care either way he’ll have a great home for the rest of his life regardless, just curious. 🤔
  5. Horse Health
    We got a pony a few hours ago from a home that she wasn't properly cared for and we plan to give her the life and love she deserves. We were told she was 20 but her teeth don't look like it to us? What would you say?
  6. English Riding Queries & Discussions
    Hello! (This is my first post so I apologize if something is wrong) My goal has always been to go to pony finals, but it doesn't really say anywhere what the age limit is. I am wondering how old is too old. I am a teenager (prefer not to say my exact age), but I fit onto large ponies well (I am...
  7. Horse Health
    Back in 2008 I got my welsh haflinger cross pony. Her DOB is unknown and her papers I received when I got her stated they guessed she was born in 1998 (making her 20 now). Within the past 10 years we have had multiple dentists, vets, and trainers give us their opinion on her age based off her...
  8. Horse Health
    Hi :) We have a rescue horse, Chance, who's super sweet but not without his issues :) Anyway, we had heard that he's about 8 years old, but after looking at his teeth, I tend to think he's older....what age would you put him? I hope they didn't lie too much !!! Lisa:-?
  9. Horse Health
    I recently purchased a horse from a kill pen and was wondering how old she is. I'm terrible at guessing ages so what are your opinions? EDIT: How do I add a picture? I apologize for my incompetence.
  10. Horse Health
    Hi everyone! This is my first post here. I rescued this precious mare from a nearby kill lot and there is no information on her at all. The lot estimated her to be 14-16 years of age. My horse knowledgeable friends and farrier are all over the place on their guesses. Care to take a guess...
  11. Training, Performance, behavioral concerns/queries
    I am getting a 2 year old appy/thoroughbred, he will be 3 in May, and I was wondering if anyone could give me advice on how I would go about teaching him basic manners and eventually to breaking him. Now I do know how to do most of this but I was curious about what are the different methods that...
  12. Horse Health
    Hi! I've owned my pony Arrow for a while now, and his owners told us he was around ten, but we're planning on having the equine dentist out soon to tell us if this is true because, quite frankly, I think he's a bit younger than that. I was checking out his teeth today, and they're pearly whites...
  13. Horse Health
    So... Koba is just not starting to show a bit of his age this winter. And before I explain the problem I want to be very clear that he is still active, and happy. He still runs, rolls, and plays with his Boo. His back legs have gotten a bit shaky and my farrier commented on it, saying that his...
  14. General Riding queries
    Hi, Im currently doing an assignment where I debate against "flat racing competitions should be restricted to horses of 3 years or younger" Any ideas for using younger horses? THanks
  15. Show Jumping and using jumping in training
    So, I'm not into english riding, as in I don't know much about it. I do almost always ride in and english saddle lol. So, glancing through some sale adds here, along with ones on other websites. I've seen many many four year olds listed as jumping 3' and up (exm. 3'9"), is this ok? I've always...
  16. Horse Breeds, Registrations and Brands
    i have a little stud he was a rescue horse i bought him from a guy calling him a racking horse..well i dont know what to beleave vet says my baby boy (twitch) is 3 years old but hasent dropped and dosent act studdish vet then said she dosent know how old he is i think about 8-9 months sadly...
  17. Horse Colors and Genetics
    Sorry I wasn't very sure on what one to put this under. I recently got two rescues and the age of them is unknown. There is an estimate but I am terrible with teeth. Both of them have only one of the teeth between the back and the front. I can't remember what they are called. there is only one...
  18. Eventing, Cross Country, Fox/Trail Hunting
    I know I'm posting a lot, but I really need some answers at the moment because I'm looking for a new horse to do eventing with and I'm not exactly sure what I need. The horse I'm looking at at the moment is a 12 year old Hanoverian gelding with lots of training. He's pretty much perfect, but I...
  19. Show Jumping and using jumping in training
    What age should I completely stop jumping on my horse?
1-19 of 31 Results