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  1. Horse Talk
    i have a 10yr old gelding OTT and recently he has become very aggressive with other horses. He has alway been kind of obnoxious. He is definitely the dominant horse personality. I have struggled with earning his respect for me and recently after several months the 2 of us have clicked and now...
  2. Horse Health
    I have had my 8 year old QH gelding for 10 months now. When I first purchased him, he would go off on a trail by himself (he was previously used as a trail horse), stood still in the crossties, let me catch him, hardly spooked and was a very easy-going horse. The past 4 months however, he...
  3. Horse Health
    I have acquired a 6 yr old retired thoroughbred mare and a 10 month old paint quarter horse this past week. My paint spent the first 2 days trying to figure out if he was going to nurse or mount my mare. They have since settled into the mother/baby rolls. My concern is what the feed needs of...
1-3 of 4 Results