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  1. Horse Health
    Has anyone had any success with allergy testing and allergy shots for their horses? I would really appreciate any information or input you may have.
  2. Horse Health
    Hi all, Let's start with a little background, I have this 12 year old Quarter Horse Gelding, usually a good guy, but the bugs can make him do strange things. A few nights he'd come in drenched with sweat from running from the flies, and then when we go to put him in he gets around on the lead...
  3. Horse Talk
    We got my geldings neck injected about a day ago due to some minor arthritis in his neck. Woke up this morning to see four large swollen bumps along his neck on both sides, one is quite messy the others are just large and swollen. His neck is very stiff. Is this normal? Should I worry about the...
  4. Horse Health
    My shetland mare can't/won't stop sneezing! She like sneezes every minute or so. It's weird! I just noticed it today. She's not breathing heavy/loudly or acting sick at all. She has clear mucus (not a lot, just a little in her nose), so that leads me to believe that it's nothing serious. I...
  5. Horse Health
    Yesterday I used a roll-on fly repellant on my horse Nirvana. This morning when I went out I saw that, in the shape I rolled the fly repellant on, her skin was swollen and irritated. Her underbelly is also swollen, lumpy and itchy...she broke into hives I think. It is worst here, as her it is...
1-5 of 5 Results