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  1. Horse Training & behavioral problems
    Hello and welcome to Earning Trust of a Scared and Angry Horse. Some thing many owners experience. I experienced this and I know how to solve it, it works for a 18 year old horse, so would with any age. When horses are scared or angry, they usually won't let you touch them, so when you try...
  2. Horse Training & behavioral problems
    My horse pins his ears. When I bought him he was really bad about it and would kick and bite really bad too. He wasn't having problems for about 9 months but the last few weeks he has been pinning his ears again. Its always at other horses. I am on a drill team (and quitting isn't an option...
  3. Horse Protection
    I was on a trail ride yesterday, and I found a path that I thought would lead back to the farm, or at least to the regular trails that would take me back. I rode up the path and the first thing I see is a loose mare. She was skinny, but other than that she seemed to be fine. I didn't think much...
1-3 of 6 Results