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  1. Horse Talk
    The famed wild horses of Namibia have been having problems recently. Predation by hyenas means the already declining herds don't have any members younger than seven. Namibian officials have enacted the culling of three female hyenas believed to be responsible for most foal deaths. Here's wjere...
  2. Horse Jobs Available & Seeking Positions
    Hola everyone! I am a female early 20's, grew up in New England with thoroughbreds and Shetland ponies before attending college, plus internships in Manhattan. My new job is bring me to Westchester NY/Greenwich CT area and I am looking for an immediate, small place to rent. Hopefully on a farm...
  3. Farm and Garden Forum
    My German shepherd is 2 and a half and she likes to kill animals. She has brought many many deer legs and parts home, a few jack rabbits, chickens, birds, mice and two of our barn cats. Never have gone after our horses though. We got her from a human society and she was around 5 months when we...
  4. Horse Videos
    Hiya, I am fairly new to this forum. Horses are one of my favourite animals <3 I love watching videos about them and found one on YTube which is quite good :) What is your favourite horse? Kyna x
  5. New and Returning members, introduce yourself here
    Hi there, I am a newbie here with a cause...what is it you ask? Well I love animals..animals of all sorts...cats, dogs, horses, lizards and more. I joined this community to learn more about horses as I probably don't know as much as you...but also to spread the word about a horse rescue I am...
1-5 of 9 Results