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  1. Horse Jobs Available & Seeking Positions
    Yes, we are looking for an apprentice / assistant trainer / rider. This is a paid position with living quarters for a self motivated person that wants to lear how we take horses from first saddling to a finished horse. We have 6-8 well-started horses, another 6-8 that were lightly started...
  2. Horse Jobs Available & Seeking Positions
    This post lists Apprentice in the title because it may be very difficult or impossible to find an instructor who is trained to teach the US Military or Fort Riley Seat, which is the method we teach. This method is different than the contemporary Georg Morris or Hunter Seat method. It involves...
  3. Horse Jobs Available & Seeking Positions
    Hello, I'm looking to work with horses part-time to gain more experience. I have some experience with dressage but I'm most interested in western and trail riding. I'm at a very beginner level. I've only done a handful of lessons and one day of trail riding. My goal is gain experience and...
1-3 of 3 Results