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  1. Horse Talk
    My husband is likely going to be transferred to the Phoenix Arizona area next year. We live in Ohio and own a small 5 acre farm and 2 horses. I have done a little browsing of farm properties in the Phoenix area and have a few questions to the local horse community. 1. It is very easy to get...
  2. Horse Colors and Genetics
    Hello Everyone! I'm looking for ANY information on the Brindle Arizona colt posted here by firstdraftfarms. I believe his name might be "Jonas". link can be found here: I'm a brindle horse enthusiast, and...
  3. Trail Riding
    Hi everyone. First of all, sorry for my english, it is so not my first language. I'm going to Tucson to see my boyfriend next week (he's working there) and i was wondering, whats the best place for trail riding there? I'm an advanced rider, i just want to discover those gorgeous landscapes on my...
  4. Horse Talk
    Hello Everyone! Are any of you AZ residents that need extra help with your horses or need chores to be done around your barn/facility or property? I would love to work in exchange for riding lessons, horse privileges, or a free lease with a SAFE horse. Riding lessons and volunteering...
  5. Horse Jobs Available & Seeking Positions
    Hello Everyone! I am currently looking into doing some farm/barn work in exchange for a free lease with a beginner safe horse or riding privileges. Whether mucking out stalls or grooming the horses, I would be happy to...
  6. Horse Breeds, Registrations and Brands
    Lola is from a farm in Arizona, then was shipped to Idaho before I got her, but I have no clue where her brand is from! If her registered name may help, let me know! Thank you!
  7. Horse Talk
    Hello, my family and i are nost likely moving to arizona in the pheonix , tuscon area, and i want to know a good hay supply, thats not to crazy expensive, we have two horses. I know hay here on the east coast is cheaper, but we dont want to pay an arm and a leg.
  8. Horse Health
    I have, what is probably, a silly question... We are going to be planting pastures for the first time, and while we've looked at pasture seed mixes, we were wondering if you could plant plain ol' bermuda. We are in central AZ where it gets pretty stinking hot during the summer and bermuda...
1-8 of 9 Results