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  1. Horse Tack, blankets and Equipment Queries
    Hey everyone and happy thanksgiving!! i need help designing a custom saddle pad for my horse! I want to get a saddle pad and probably a matching ear bonnet too, and I have someone to embroider it for me. So I need to figure out a design, and a color for the saddle pad and bonnet. I know some of...
  2. Shire Art

    Here is my Shire oc, Cruella
  3. Art and Craft Work
    It took me 20 hours, which is a long time for me. Usually I finish drawing in less than 10, but to be fair I was trying out a new style. I quite like it, and I hope you do too. It is an Olden🍔
  4. Art and Craft Work
    Hello everyone! I'm new to this forum so let me introduce myself! My name is Carol and I love horses with all my heart! My dream is to work with horses and own one someday. I also love drawing so here I am.
  5. Art and Craft Work
    Hello! I am recently trying to build up my portfolio of equestrian art and have built a little collection. Here are some of my favorites! Looking forward to your feedback and discussions 🙂
  6. Art and Craft Work
    Hey everyone, this isn't a thread for my actual art pieces which I have clients pay for, but just warm ups that I do. Hope you like :smile: This one took roughly ten minutes.
  7. Art and Craft Work
    It's my first day in this forum and I just saw there is an artist cathegory! I wanted to share with you these drawings I did some time ago! The two heads are from two horses I ride in my riding club, Pitufo and Lisa! The other ones are just designs I did for magnets and keychains. I sold them in...
  8. Art and Craft Work
    Seeing some other people art threads has inspired me to start my own. To be honest, drawing horses is actually one of my biggest weaknesses. Once in a while I luck out with one that looks more or less like a horse lol So perhaps by posting the occassional horse pic I draw, I'll be able to...
  9. Art and Craft Work
    I've been quite excited to be moving onto my grandparents farm where I'll be able to start working with horses to the point it's on my mind most of the time. So I decided to use that and work on practicing my horse art. Horses have been one of my biggest weaknesses when it comes to drawing so...
  10. Art and Craft Work
    Couldn't help but share the digital painting I made of Chance yesterday afternoon. Super proud of it since lately I've been suuuper out of practise, not to mention I've never drawn in this style before! (That is, without relying on blending xD) Critique is welcome--just please be kind! Done...
  11. Member Journals
    Almost 3 years ago I learned about and bought my first Curly horse. Her quirks and unique characteristics led me to develop drawings of horses. Initially the drawings started out as a means of satisfying my young daughter's desire to color countless pictures of horses. Since then, my skills have...
  12. Art and Craft Work
    I drew an equine OC of mine,Asrar
  13. Horse Pictures
    Hi everyone!! I've been gone from the forum for ages, and this is my grand return! :lol: Over the summer I bought a DSLR camera and became interested in photography. (Especially of horses, of course.) I'm sharing a few of my favourites here now! Any critiques or comments are welcome, since I...
  14. Art and Craft Work
    So I'm not sure if I should be finished withh these pieces or add something to make them more interesting ,any suggestions ?
  15. Art and Craft Work
    Due to an unfortunate mix up in scheduling, yours truly is taking Drawing 1 instead of Calculus. This may seem like a good thing. It is not a good thing. The problem is that I have never had any formal art instruction. So this thread is hopefully going to be the place I post pictures of my...
  16. Art and Craft Work
    Would anyone like a drawing of their horse. Sizes A5 - £5, A4 - £10, A3 - £20. All money will be donated to the local community center who help people of all ages in many different ways. Feel free to Email for more details: [email protected]
  17. Horse Breeds, Registrations and Brands
    Hi. I'm an art student and in my creature design class I decided to use horses for an assignment. I wanted to use Appaloosas because of their unique coat patterns. However I'm not well versed i the varying breeds of horses. So I was wondering if there were other breeds with similar body types to...
1-17 of 99 Results