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  1. Horse Videos
    my latest video, and I love it haha, feel free to watch (:
  2. Horse Breeding
    Basically, I'm looking for the following traits: Endurance/stamina Speed jump ability beauty good size but not huge, just big enough to get over higher obstacles but small enough a short person (4'9-5'6) can get on without much difficulty. If there isn't already a breed like this available...
  3. Horse Talk
    Hey all you eventers! Thought i'd make a little hangout for eventers just for fun. :) Well I'm a D2 in pony club, going for my D3. Desi and I are currently schooling novice level eventing. :)
  4. Horse Pictures
    WARNING: This is my first time posting picture on HF. PICTURE HEAVY! Anyways, here's Winchester! Western bridle and an English saddle. OH YEAH. He's dirty and he knows it. My instructor lunging him. I ought to do that more often....*guilty face* Trotting cones. Epicness. My awesome...
  5. Horse Breeds, Registrations and Brands
    I love Standies! Here is mine! Western Comet (Western Hanover x Lil's Leader x Town Leader) He was a really good racer
  6. Horse Talk
    Does anyone else play any online horse games? I play a really fun eventing game called Horse Eden. I really love it because it has color genetics incorporated so you can breed for really interesting colors and its a challenge! Its very realistic and fun to play. Helps keep someone like me who...
1-6 of 8 Results