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  1. Horse Colors and Genetics
    It's about that time of year all those cute babies should be shedding of their coats..... Let's see everyone's crazy pics of those so ugly their cute babies!!! :rofl:
  2. Horse Colors and Genetics
    I happened to come across this photo and just loved the lightningbolt marking on the baby. This is a band of Nokotas in Theodore Roosevelt national park. I'd also love to see your horse's cute and unusual markings :)
  3. Horse Breeding
    One of our babys was 2 months late, he was a tiny little thing, and we thought he wouldent live. now he's grown up, with the name of Charlie (Charlie the unicorn) and his best friend Mercedes. But, I want to know, what miracles, or wonderful stories have you had from you babies birth? Mercedes...
  4. Horse Breeding
    Peaches, a horse I've taken care of for a year now, is supposed to have a foal in about 12 days. So basically it could come any time now. She is a red roan leopard appaloosa and she was bred with Jack, a brown blanket appaloosa. His blanket was just on the rump. The owners are hoping for a...
  5. Horse Breeding
    Hi i'm pretty new on the forum and happy to be here. :D names Mandii, nice meet ya'll! Anyways, not new to foaling but now that my mares have given me gorgeous foals. now the fillies are new first time mommies [at age 5], and this granny [me] is a worry wort and wonder if i should have the vet...
1-5 of 6 Results