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  1. Horse Health
    So just recently my horse Dolly got a bit of a cut on her hock. The cut itself wasn't deep (or bad for that matter) but her hock was quite swollen. I treated it every day by hosing it down for 15 mins with cold water, and cleaned out the cut. The swelling went down just fine in a couple days...
  2. Horse Health
    okay so here's whats been going on, saturday morning i come out to see the horses, and my qh mare, Candel, had cuts on her back left leg. there was a very deep slash along her cannon bone, and a pucture on her hock. i poured some hydrogen peroxcide on her leg then rinse it with an iodine mixture...
  3. Horse Health
    Hi there! Does anyone know what is best to prevent scarring from barbed wire nicks and cuts? For when it is still open (to promote healing) and after it's closed (to promote hair growth). My horse stays in a paddock with barbed wire as the rain has all but washed away his normal paddock. He is...
1-3 of 5 Results