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  1. Riding and Barn Wear
    Hello, okay so I'm trying to help friend out, New to barn ownership. Boarder ties up arena with lessons (multiple riders in one lessons some days) and she's adding more and more students and pretty much making money off her. Uses her 2 horses and 2 others haul in.. All have signed waiver...
  2. Barn & Stable queries plus Building & Maintenance
    Yeah, it's probably fair to say: "I'd tear it down and build a new one," but I thought it might be neat to try to fix it up if possible. I would like to know what you, creative reader, would do with this barn if you had it and wanted to fix it up. The barn is a 26' x 36' pole barn with metal...
  3. Barn & Stable queries plus Building & Maintenance
    Ive been going and helping out at a friend of my dads barn. It was an older couple with a lot of medical problems and their barn kinda just went down hill. I would go over there and clean months worth of horse manure out of stalls and aisles. After a while my dad "paid" me for all the work I...
1-3 of 4 Results