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  1. Barn, Stable, Shelter & Equipment
    Yeah, it's probably fair to say: "I'd tear it down and build a new one," but I thought it might be neat to try to fix it up if possible. I would like to know what you, creative reader, would do with this barn if you had it and wanted to fix it up. The barn is a 26' x 36' pole barn with metal...
  2. Barn, Stable, Shelter & Equipment
    Hi friends. I am new to the forum and look forward to hearing opinions from fellow barn owners. I am in southern california, and considering building a barn in my backyard for my Two Huge 18'2hh Draft horses, 5 yr old Clydesdale mare & 25 yr old Percheron gelding. Both typical easy going...
  3. Barn, Stable, Shelter & Equipment
    I'm starting to plan a barn for 2014, and I need your help! I have a bunch of ideas, but I'd like to hear from you too. What are some tips you have for planning/building? And feel free to make your own wishlist- I'd love to hear it! Basic Plans: 2 Washstalls w/ drainage systems, 3 or 4 12'x14'...
1-3 of 3 Results