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  1. Barrel Racing
    Hey everyone, I would love to know who you like to go to for barrel racing clinics and why. I've never done a clinic before, but I'm interested in going to one this coming summer or the next. Note: I'm not a beginner or new to barrel racing. I did barrel racing all through middle-high school...
  2. Barrel Racing
    Hi everyone, I was wondering which states are the best to live in when it comes to having an abundance of barrel races to go to. The state I currently reside in just doesn't seem to have as much as I've seen in other states such as Texas and Oklahoma. I'm considering moving to those areas but...
  3. Barrel Racing
    What supplements would you recommend for barrel horses? I just want/need my performance horses to have the best care possible! :-)
  4. Barrel Racing
    So I have been running barrels competitively for around 3 years now but now I am advancing and going to bigger and further away barrel races and rodeos. My horses all trailer and haul fine but the longest they have been in one is like 2 and a half-3 hours. I have a 4 horse Featherlite and my...
1-4 of 4 Results