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  1. Barrel Racing
    Hello everyone, I would love to know what fellow barrel racers "must have products" are for themselves and for their horses. Feel free to talk about tack, apparel, therapy, etc. Thank You!
  2. Saddle Discussions & Saddle Fitting Queries
    Hello everyone, I would like to know what people think of the Corriente barrel racing saddles? I'm considering purchasing one but want to make sure it's of good quality. Thank you!
  3. Barrel Racing
    Hi everyone, I was wondering which states are the best to live in when it comes to having an abundance of barrel races to go to. The state I currently reside in just doesn't seem to have as much as I've seen in other states such as Texas and Oklahoma. I'm considering moving to those areas but...
  4. Barrel Racing
    My horse (10 year old) has just had about a year of gaming (Speed events as some call it) training with me and he is doing great. At our barn we can do everything at ease and lope our patterns perfect! However, when we haul out to shows, as you might expect a horse new to speed events to do, he...
1-4 of 4 Results