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  1. Horse Pictures
    And ended up with 200+ pictures of the various animals in my backyard. But don't worry. Only 150ish pictures were of my horses! Since there were so many and I don't feel like only picking out the pretty ones(if there are any!) I'm just going to post a link to my album.. Hopefully (fingers...
  2. Horse Health
    My pony Bart is around 20 years old. We think he is a shetland/quarter pony mix. I've had him since he was 12 and I was 8, so yea, he is 20. Anyways, a few years back a vet had mentioned that he might have been in the early stages of cushings but then he never mentioned it again so we passed the...
  3. Official Horse Forum Photography Competition
    The results will be decided in a poll. I will set that up on October 15th. That should give everyone plenty of time to enter. The picture must contain a horse/pony/donkey/mule sleeping. You can post one picture per horse. This is just for fun. NO PRIZES. Sorry. Let the posting begin! Please...
1-3 of 3 Results