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  1. Draft Horses
    My mother in law has been working on her farm for about a year now and finished construction on the barn about 6 months ago. She got two Belgian drafts from a rescue and brought them out to the land. The pasture is full of fescue and is lush and healthy. After about a week on the grass(which...
  2. Horse Conformation Critique
    This is Alabama my 14'2hh yearling (turning 2 July 10). She's 3/4 quarter horse and 1/4 Belgian. I was hoping on using her as a jumper in the futur, even though she is still growing can you tell me some faults/good conformation points she has? Thank you.
  3. Horse Feeds and Nutrition
    Hi there, My name is Mary. I'm new here and have recently gotten back into horse ownership (only the second time around for me). I have fallen in love with a Belgian mare named Fancy. She's about 17.2+ and needs to put on a little bit of weight. She hasn't been grained in a few years, so I...
  4. Horse Breeds
    I have adopted a broke mostly trained mustang from a rescue, and I have decoded her tattoo. She is from a California Herd. I was told by the rescue that there had been some Belgian Draft in the mix and she looks similar in color. But I would like some more information. I have been on the web...
  5. Draft Horses
    I just recently bought my first horse a Belgian Draft Horse. I was told he was eight years old but, he did not have any papers so I could not get a guarantee that he really was eight. I was just wondering because he is Sorrel colored and where his brown is he has little random patches of white...
  6. Horse Conformation Critique
    Charlie is a Belgian cross who I ride as a pleasure mount on the trails and roads, as well I use him for Field Hunting. He is 7 years old, 17.3 HH. Wonderful personality. I think he is very well put together, but then I am not terribly objective. Would love to hear others opinions.
  7. Horses for Sale and Wanted
    Located in Central California Must sell due to my child's monthly heath needs: Grandin: Strawberry Roan Belgian Gelding 4-5 years old Good tempered; big teddy bear; very affectionate; loves attention. Really, he is so sweet. Current Vaccinations including rabies (not due until...
  8. Horses for Sale and Wanted
    Looking to buy a percheron or other type of draft horse 16-18hh, 4-10 years, ridable (for trails) within 3 hours of Dallas, Tx. Price under $2800. Please send pics and/or video. Thanks!
  9. Draft Horses
    Hello I am new to the forum. Heres my story. I used to ride when I was 14-16yrs old. Back then I was under 200lbs obviously and able to ride anything. Once I got into high school and my friend stopped boarding her horse at the barn we went to, things died down and I didnt ride after that. Its...
  10. Member Journals
    This year is the year I'm starting 3 year old Flossie, she's smart, surprisingly quick and ready to go. She has a story as a lot of horses do, she lived in a herd of horses that had the basic care food and water, but otherwise they roamed their many acres of land as wild horses would, free to...
1-10 of 10 Results