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    I'm looking for... -Size medium lime green or black bell boots. Can be beat up, and I need multiple pairs. -Size medium lime green woof boots (I need four boots) -Lime green leadrope If you have anything else lime green I'll consider. I have a lot to trade, or will buy outright
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    So I'm getting my horse some new bell boots and I had a question. Sheepskin over no sheepskin? My current ones don't have sheep skin and they rub him raw, but these are weighted. So I was thinking getting the ones you pull on so he can have those on to run around in with his shoes in the...
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    So my new mare is an equipment nightmare. She came with bell boots (that didn't fit) and I soon realized she does clip her front feet with her back ones. She also hits her hind ankles together when she really extends her trot. She has a pair of ankle boots I am borrowing. But I was hoping...