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  1. Horse Law
    Hi, there! So I bought a horse that needed some TLC and groceries for $100. He was a stallion at the time, and they agreed to let me keep him on their property until I got him castrated. I went up there frequently to love on him and work on his ground manners (the previous owners had requested...
  2. Horses for Sale, Lease, Loan & Wanted
    Okay, so this may already be posted somewhere, but the quick search wasn't picking it up. I am selling a horse. The prospective buyer has already been out to see her, they are coming back tomorrow to take her for a pre-purchase vet exam, and if all goes well, they will purchase her. However...
  3. Horse Law
    I have traded a horse worth 4000$ for a horse that is worth less then 1000$ I was not at the farm when the horse arrived my parents did the trade for me, they thought I knew about the health condition of the horse. I found out s couple hours after the trade I found out the horse I traded for has...
1-3 of 3 Results