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  1. Horse Colors and Genetics
    I adopted this mustang about a month ago. I believe she is black with nd1. However, I was curious if she looked like she will grey out? The bottom of her tail has grey strands (she doesn’t have much of a tail). They had her listed has a two year old - captured in August 2021. She has grey...
  2. Art and Craft Work
    I drew an equine OC of mine,Asrar
  3. Horse Pictures
    So, I'm not from Russia but I really love it. I wish to move there one day :loveshower: Anyways! I was wondering, just randomly, if it would be cool to have a horse (Most likely a black quarter horse) named "Russian Roulette" and have its barn name be "Moscow". I imagine this horse to be...
  4. Horse Tack, blankets and Equipment Queries
    What colour saddle pad do you think would look good on an all black horse? I was thinking of getting a hunter green saddle pad. But what do you guys think? Have any photos of black horses and their pads??
  5. Grooming, clipping, bathing & equipment used
    Hi, I have a black TWH, that prefers pasture over a stall, so sun exposure gets the best of her dark black coat, fades to almost a bay color by Fall..any suggestions on best ways to keep it fading? Thanks! Kim
  6. Stolen Horses
    Please Help Find Pompadour. he is a16 year old 16.3 hand tall Dutch Warmblood gelding with a fine build. almost pony sized head with a very friendly personalty he was on lay up when he was "donated" by someone that was not the owner. he has a star and a snip and four white socks. he has a large...
  7. Art and Craft Work
    This is my latest painting, showing a Shetland pony stallion. I saw him at a show last month and he won all of his classes. Such a beautiful little horse! I hope you like my painting. :-)
  8. Horse Health
    I have a nine year old "true black" gelding. Most summers he sun-bleaches a bit, acquiring a reddish sheen to shoulders, hips and back. This year he is the most sun-bleached I've ever seen! And it's not's like a yellow, dun kind of color and it is over a larger part of his body then...
1-8 of 8 Results