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  1. Horse Pictures
    This is Tonto :) just picked him up today! He's 15yrs old, reg. paint gelding , very calm and good natured! He's so sweet. Bought him as a trail and show horse for 4H and just around the woods :)
  2. Horse Colors and Genetics
    I am fairly green when it comes to talking horse lingo and have been trying to figure out the right verbage to spit out that properly identifies my 4 legged homie Rufous. Exactly what color and pattern Paint is he? Unfortunately I have no papers for him. He has one blue eye.... Is that...
  3. Horse Talk
    Hello everyone! :) I just bought this beautiful paint gelding and his current name is Painter, which I'm not totally convinced of. :P I would love some barn name suggestions for him! He has a blue eye and is a total sweetheart! He is only 14.2 hands, so pretty small. He is pretty laid back and...
  4. Horse Conformation Queries and Critique
    this is dixie. 15.2-3hh 10 year old mare. "frosted fairy flakes" is her registered name. take into consideration that a few of her pictures are on very hilly land. she is actually quite level. [withers about even with the top of her butt]. these pictures are not the greatest. i pick her up on...
  5. Horse Health
    so i posted this once but i wanted to add somethings and get more oppions, so i have a 4 year old overon paint geldings 16.2 hh and pinked skinned and blue eyed. he tears up alot and he seems to be ichy eyed everyonce and a while, and i was wondering what would be best to put on his face to keep...
1-5 of 5 Results