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  1. Horse Health
    Ok. I'm going to be moving 2 towns over and that town's grain store does not carry the Blue Seal Sentinel Senior that my 18 yr old QH is on. He was competing in Barrel Racing but now he's over that and going to be my go to guy for lessons for little kids so he's not working hard anymore, his...
  2. Horse Feeds and Nutrition
    Okay, so I'm having a pretty rough time finding a good feed for my OTTB. He's 11 years old and 16.0hh, he weighs 1000lbs right now and could use about 100lbs. He's a very hard keeper, we've struggled for months to put weight on him and it took rice bran (which made him absolutely nuts) and lots...
  3. Horse Feeds and Nutrition
    I'm thinking about getting a new horse.. And I think I've found one. I just don't know what to feed her! She's a 5 year old, 16hh, thoroughbred (never raced). I want her to be fed something that will help her maintain her weight while doing heavy work (4-6 days a week for atleast an hour each...
1-3 of 3 Results