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  1. Grooming, clipping, bathing & equipment used
    any ideas for a horse who doesn't like clippers?
  2. Horse Tack, blankets and Equipment Queries
    My horse is (unfortunately) a stalled horse. I take him to graze twice a day, but I am well aware that it not enough. We clipp our horses and, to make the clipping last longer, we use "blades" that almost puts the horse bald. I know that horses are very tolerant creatures cold wise, but this is...
  3. Grooming, clipping, bathing & equipment used
    I recently bought an Oster Clipmaster, variable speed, model # 078150. It came with blade 84AU 1511-02. Did blade numerical designations change? It's been years since I've body clipped, but I remember using a 10 or even smaller number. An 84 would be practically microscopic, and it does not look...
  4. Grooming, clipping, bathing & equipment used
    Hello HF! Long time no see. I am looking to buy a nice pair of clippers. I only have one horse so they don't have to be absolutely top-of-the-line but I have a decent amount I'm willing to spend for ones that will last. I would ultimately like to be able to body clip and do regular the bridle...
  5. Horse Pictures
    This is my pony Cherokee! He is VERY old and VERY fuzzy. He hasn't been shedding out much these past couple years and the vet suspects he could have cushings, but he has no other symptoms for now. Regardless, he always looks like he's ready for the tundra and not southern california I...
  6. Grooming, clipping, bathing & equipment used
    I am looking for a good pair of clippers for under $100. Any help? I need them for whiskers, ears, and bridle path, and maybe one day the whole body. Preferably cordless, but I will take ANY suggestions :D
  7. Grooming, clipping, bathing & equipment used
    Next year I am going to compete at the Del Mar National Horse Show, Western Week. The show runs through the last week in April and my horse usually isn't shed out untill the second week in May. I was told that you can body clip a horse about a month in advance and it will give you a sleek summer...
1-7 of 8 Results