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  1. Training, Performance, behavioral concerns/queries
    I've been riding since September. Usually, I ride a white gelding named Blue. He bites when I groom him, when I do up his girth, refuses to pick up his feet, and outright distrespects me. At first, he never did this. Now he does it everytime I come near him. I'm nervous to go anywhere near his...
  2. Horse Feeds, Feeding and Nutrition
    I read somewhere, can't remember the site off hand, that feeding Black Oil Sun Flower seeds can help with a horses coat. So when Toby moved into the pasture I started to feed them to call three of the horses. -I was hoping that it might help with his rain rot (I'm not sure if it did! but it...
  3. Horse Feeds, Feeding and Nutrition
    I recently noticed that my coming two year old's coat is looking a little dull and her mane and tail are dry. Part of this is probably due to the winter months and the fact that she's not blanketed, but regardless I'd like to see more shine on her. I had her on BOSS last summer and they did seem...
1-3 of 3 Results