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  1. Riding and Barn Wear
    Hi everyone! I was wondering if anyone could give me some good suggestions when it came to affordable and comfortable breeches? Which brand of breeches to avoid?
  2. Riding and Barn Wear
    Hey all! I am in the market for new winter riding breeches or tights, and I would love to hear your recommendations before I buy! I definitely want something warm, and not overly expensive, just sort of generic breeches/riding tights prices. I know Kerrits have a big selection but I have never...
  3. Riding and Barn Wear
    Buying breeches online can be so hard! Especially if it doesn't fit and you have to pay to ship the item back. For e.g. I'm a 26 in Tuffriders, Small in FitsT4 tights and Medium in Kerrits tights.. But a 28 in Dover riding sport is too tight! And 26 in Irideon breeches is baggy! Who measures...
  4. Riding and Barn Wear
    Hey guys, I'm new here. I've been trying to find a place with people who understand what I'm taking about. This is a long shot but any advice/help is greatly appreciated. Also I apologize if my wording is confusing and/or more info if needed. I'm happy to explain more:) I haven't ridden in...
  5. Riding and Barn Wear
    Hi All, I really like the look of denim breeches. Looking for recommendations for comfortable/decent to ride in/long wearingdenim breeches? Thanks 😄
  6. Riding and Barn Wear
    Hello! I want to start off by apologizing if my english isn't the best, its not my main language. So I use some ariat paddock boots to ride, and while I've never felt the pinching I've heard some people talk about, my breeches are pretty fuzzy on the lower leg area, like when fabric gets...
  7. DEL

    English Riding Queries & Discussions
  8. Riding and Barn Wear
    Hi, I'm looking for some new white competition high waisted breeches, but without gel (full seat or knee patch) or suede (full seat or knee patch). I have search everywhere, I didn't know if anyone could recommend some. Please. Thanks.
  9. Riding and Barn Wear
    Hey all, I feel like I've spent forever searching for the perfect pair of breeches to compare to my TS trophy hunters without the price tag. Seriously, I love them. They're the only breeches I own that fit comfortably, and don't rub the back of my knees. I've tried Ariats, RJ's, Elations...
  10. English Riding Queries & Discussions
    I know that winter is a while away still, but I am going to Dover Saddlery in a few weeks to pick up a few things, breeches included. I only own two pairs of breeches right now (both Kerrits Kids performance tights) that I love for summer riding, but I know that Kerrits also makes the Fleece...
  11. Dressage
    Hi, this is kind of a funny question, but I'm planning on starting Dressage when I go to college and I'll be riding on my school's IDA team.. So I was wondering: since the breeches are white, does it matter what the patch color is? I see white breeches with matching patches, grey patches, and...
  12. Plus Sized Riders
    Anyone have any good recommendation for some sturdy yet comfortable breeches? I'm not looking for anything fancy, I don't plan on showing anytime soon. I just need a good pair for riding both English and Western, and doing a little bit of barn work. I haven't worn actual breeches since I was a...
  13. General Riding queries
    I've mostly ridden western and now I'm switching to English. I have tried it before. I am ordering my breeches and other stuff online and they won't be here in time for my lesson. What pants should I wear? I have some jeans that don't really feel like jeans they are cotton and polyester. I also...
  14. English Riding Queries & Discussions
    I have always been a petite person, always shorter than everyone else and I never thought anything of it till after a few years riding I took the time to find breeches that truly fit me I noticed that I have worn baggy breeches because I couldn't find any breeches that are in my size. (United...
  15. Horse Tack, blankets and Equipment Queries
    I am five foot two and I weight about 95 pounds. I have breeches in 22 inch but that is still way too big. I cannot find any breeches that fit me. HELP!?!
1-15 of 70 Results