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  1. Horse Talk
    I love riding my horse bareback and bridleless! We started out in the round pen, but I've since ridden her in her pasture and she did just perfectly. :) She's a purebred Arabian mare, by the way. This is truly bridleless -- I am not using a bridle, a halter, or even a rope around her neck. She...
  2. Training, Performance, behavioral concerns/queries
    Hi i just rode my horse bridle-less yesterday in the round yard, and he was really good stoping,backing up. doing downward and forwards transitions well. Do you think he and i could do bridle-less in the arena ? After we start of in the round yard ? I wouldn't go ride in the arena if some one...
  3. Training, Performance, behavioral concerns/queries
    See How Natural Horsemanship turned a very ill rescue horse with a terrible attitude for humans into a well controlled, responsive, conditioned, confident, and talented partner eager to please and relaxed in any situation. See link below.
  4. Horse Videos
    Here is a short video of Beth riding her OTTB Zeus without a saddle and bridle. Zeus was recovering from a kick in the mouth where he bit open the inside of his cheek and he couldn't wear a bridle or have a bit in his Beth hoped on him and this is how he did. Enjoy!
  5. Horse Talk
    Okay, so I've been thinking that everyone should put on here something they REALLY want to brag to people about that they've accomplished with their horse or whatever, because I always want to brag about things my horse and I have done, but nobody ever really wants to hear it, so here's...
  6. General Riding queries
    Hi everyone! I ride my horse bareback because he has obviously had bad experiences with the girth in the past and I prefer to ride as natural as possible. But i would love to take it a step further and ride without a bridle. Obviously this is a gradual process but if anyone has done the same...
  7. Horse Videos
    Here's a video of Tucker and me at one of the Pine Dell Versatility Challenges, where we won riding (mostly) brideless. Stick with it-- I took the halter off after the first obstacle, when it was fairly obvious he was "with me". :wink: Please ignore the fact that I look like an old lady...
  8. Horse Videos
    Sorry for the awful quality of the video. This was our first time without a halter, so we just walked and added a bit of trot, then put the halter back on before the canter. She got a little worked up on the canter from today (the canter in which I'm wearing the green shirt is from a different...
  9. Horse Riding Critique
    Uhm, sorry. Mom was in the lounge, refusing to come out in the cold :/ So you only see me jumping. You may have to pause it to look at my form :? HPIM1451.flv video by Itzellieandyouknowit - Photobucket
  10. Training, Performance, behavioral concerns/queries
    Hi, I have been fooling around with my horse for very long as I am tired of riding with all that tack! I have spent many days looking around on the internet for websites that will help me train my horse to ride bridleless, I am riding bitless in a western bridle at the moment, I would like to...
  11. Horse Videos
    Here's me riding Miss Billie bareback and bridleless. I keep the halter for safety reasons, but hardly have to use the rope anymore! :) Forgive my duck toes! :-P
1-12 of 12 Results