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  1. Horse Grooming
    There is currently a lot of mud in the paddock because we just had a bad rainstorm! When I take the mare I ride Lacey out of her paddock, she has mud all the way up to her knees and hocks. Not wet mud, dried and caked on mud. I have tried removing it with a really hard stiff brush, and a various...
  2. Horse Grooming
    My horse is fine with almost anything - except grooming. Currying or brushing his body is a nightmare. He will bite at the crossties and get very agitated. However once you move onto his hooves or even his tail, he's fine. I've tried to get very soft brushes, but he is still sensitive. He is...
  3. Horse Grooming
    i ride a thoroughbred and he has thin sensitve skin. he bite and kicks when being brushed, to the point where i have to gently use a soft brush and after every few strokes stop and give him treats to calm him down. The problem is that he gets to dirty to just not brush him. Please i need any...
  4. Horse Grooming
    Does anyone know of any sites that sell colour coordinated brushes /grooming supplies. Most of the shops around where I live only supply blue, purple and pink sets. All answers appreciated, thank you!
  5. Horse Grooming
    Okay so I have recently put together a new tack box and just wanted to see what you guys thought. It Includes: Dandy Brush Long Bristle Dandy Brush Hoof Brush Body Brush Face Brush Mane & Tail Brush Water Brush Metal Curry Comb Rubber Curry Comb 2 Sponges Cactus Cloth Baby Oil Please share...
  6. Horse Grooming
    For my old horse, Chester (a bay), i just bought some brushes at a farm store near my barn, but I'm getting a new horse, a palomino, and this time I want to get some really nice brushes. I need some suggestions on the best brushes for shine and ability to get rid of dirt. Any specific brands or...
  7. Horse Talk
    What's in your grooming box? I lost mine at a show... :evil: Looking for new ideas to put into my new one :) What all is in yours???
  8. Horse Grooming
    Hey! I am looking for an easy, effective way to clean my brushes. What methods do you find best? Thanks! :D
  9. Horse Grooming
    I just bought 3 new brushes from the tack shop. I got a stiffer natural hair brush, a really soft natural hair brush, and an Oster soft brush. I was brushing my horse with them and they worked really well but they left some bristles on him. Not clumps, just one or two here and there. I tried...
  10. Horse Grooming
    Hey everyone!!! I would like to expand my grooming kit and don't know what to choose. Please tell me what your favorite grooming tool is and why! :D:D
1-10 of 10 Results