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  1. Horse Colors and Genetics
    I'm curious if the coloring of this Schleich Hanoverian stallion model (comes in set 42104) is actually a real coat/color/marking in existence in real horses. And if so, what is it called? The model looks like either a silver or buttermilk buckskin to me, but then there's a large triangular...
  2. Horse Talk
    So back in May 2019 one of my friends pulled a bred mare from a Kill Pen in Eaton, Colorado. In April 2020 she gave birth to a minimal white buckskin roan filly. I'm now on the hunt for her brand and her past. She takes a saddle after 60 days training but no one has ridden her yet. Help me...
  3. Horse Talk
    Hey friends! Just got my first Gypsy Vanner and I am over the moon for him! His show name is Crab Creek Cian O’Carrol of Ossary. I need name ideas! Help a girl out :loveshower: :blueunicorn:
  4. Horse Pictures
    Not sure if this is the best place for this thread... I'm about to buy a gorgeous grullo / buckskin and am having a tough time picking a name. He's built like a tank, has a high head carriage, and a big stride. When I ride him he feels like what I'd imagine a war horse to be like... bold, brave...
  5. Horse Colors and Genetics
    Hi all.. I'm new to all the colour genetics of breeding horses but I'm searching for a Buckskin filly to buy and have come across an advertised buckskin filly.. But in all its photos it appears to have a white mane, but still slightly dark points and a dark tail. Will the mane darken in time or...
  6. Horse Colors and Genetics
    He is a two year old rescue mustang. He has a dorsal stripe, black mane and tail, white blaze, and a white sock (black above it). No striping.
  7. Horse Breeds, Registrations and Brands
    Eve is a 2008 model pony, between 11.2 and 12 hands tall. I bought her off a guy who had hardly a clue about horses, and I'm dying to know what breed she is. The guy said she was said to have been bred by the amish. She is low-withered, has nice gates, and is very intelligent. :riding:
  8. Horse Pictures
    Riding with my young cousin is always interesting to say the least. We went for a nice canter along the beach like we usually do... However, her pony decided that he didn't want to stop today-- resulting in a messy hoppity-pigroot-like action which tipped her forwards in her seat and flipped her...
  9. Grooming, clipping, bathing & equipment used
    I've seen a lot of people around me buying coat-specific shampoos for their horses recently. I was wondering if there are any good ones for buckskins or chestnut roans? I've never bought anything like this before, so also wanting to know if it's really worth it? (We are not a showy family... But...
  10. Horse Colors and Genetics
    Shine And Spin Quarter Horse AND Chocolate Chic Olena Quarter Horse
  11. Horse Colors and Genetics
    I'm training this gorgeous QH mare and I was going to fill out her information sheet but I'm stumped on what to put down for color. My BEST guess is a Sooty Buckskin Roan?? I apologize in advance about the photos. It has been raining here literally for days so I can't get a good picture outside...
  12. Horses for Sale, Lease, Loan & Wanted
    10yr old buckskin gelding, 14.5 hh( or around that ) possibly proud cut. No bite. Okay around mares. He is WAY prettier in person !!! Just spreading the word about this gelding from craigslist. Just went and saw him today and my dad road him , he's for an experienced rider, he needs work done...
  13. Horse Colors and Genetics
    I have a heterozygous grey mare that was bred to a buckskin stallion. By looking at their foal, do you see any signs of it turning grey. She is only a month old, so I know it's a bit early. But I can't quite make up my mind. What do you think? Any info is appreciated.... This is the sire:
  14. Horse Breeding
    I have a buckskin mare with a buckskin sire and sorrel dam. If I breed her to a black based blue roan stud whose sire is also a black based blue roan and who's dam was a black and white pinto. what are the color possibilities for the foal? (hoping for something flashy)
  15. Horse Conformation Queries and Critique
    I want your guys' opinions on my mares conformation! Don't be afraid to be honest! :)
  16. Horse Colors and Genetics
    Hello All! I have a solid paint named Hope, and those at my barn, a couple friend, my family, and I cannot decide what color to consider her. Her color ischanging throughout the winter and Summer, bright in the summer and quite dark in the winter. I would love y'alls input on what color you...
  17. Horse Breeds, Registrations and Brands
    Okay so I'm just curious what breed ya think my boy is! No it doesn't matter what breed he is is I'm just curious what y'all think. I've had multiple people ask me if he was a warmblood, honestly some days he looks like one and the other he looks like a qh. He's only 4 and still growing he's...
1-18 of 41 Results