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  1. Horse Breeding
    I am really stuck on the idea to get mare at least 2 times in her life she is a rescue one she is 14year now in 2020 For more information why i want to breeding her at least 2 times into her life go seeying my first post go chekings alls the questions that where asked i responded.
  2. Horse Talk
    For over 6 months now, I've been going to the barn my friend goes too. It all started when my friend, let's call her Liz, was begging me to come to her barn that she's been riding at for 3 years. So I planned a evaluation lesson with her trainer, let's call her Lara, and it went very well. I...
  3. New to Horses
    We have an 8 yr old 16.1h Saddlebred gelding which we board. He seems to be a bully to other geldings all of a sudden. He bites/nips at their hind legs and bites their manes/necks and kicks at them. He constantly bothers them, even when they just walk away and try to ignore him. He seems to be...
  4. Horse Training
    Hi everyone I rescued a 12 year old mare from the slaughterhouse and dont know much about her history. She is my first horse. She finally trusts me enough to come running for a carrot or apple and to let me groom her. However, and perhaps I am reading her behavior incorrectly, if I do not have...