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  1. Horse Health
    My horse (Indy,4yo) has hard bumps/lumps on his shoulder and i’m not sure what they would be. He has hypp and has lost weight since i’ve gotten him and has just recently been put on a new food that’s helping him a lot. Any help would be appreciated:)
  2. Horse Health
    Just brought Bailey home from the boarders 3 weeks ago. Bailey developed this rash on her nose while she was boarded and now it has spread in crevasses, back, legs eyes etc. We have bathed, treated her repeatedly. Any one have any opinions on what this could be? We did have a biopsy today at...
  3. Horse Health
    Two days before spring shots at the end of April my horse developed a quarter sized, soft bump along his neck. I figured it was a bug bit and ignored it. Two weeks after spring shots he developed a pea size very hard singular bump along the side of his face. Almost where the hinge point of the...
  4. Horse Health
    This is a bit of an unorganized thread... Now that it's spring what I call the "OMG WHAT IS THIS WEIRD STUFF ON MY HORSES SKIN:shock:" Season... I have been seeing allot of people posting all over forums and other social media asking "What is this on my horses skin" witch is expected but I've...
  5. Horse Health
    The Saddlebred mare I'm training has several hard, pefectly round large bumps on her shoulders and under her stomach. They don't seem to intefere with our work but lately I've noticed them getting bigger and when I touch them she gets really mean. She's usually a sweetheart so her showing any...
  6. Hoof health and Care
    I noticed my mare recently developed some bumps on the front of her hooves almost in the middle. The bump does not go around the entire hoof. She has always been barefoot. The farrier trimmed her Jan 29 so about 4 weeks ago. She is insulin resistant. I try my best to get the barn manager to take...
  7. Horse Health
    Dear Horse Forum friends My horse Poco has these odd bumps under his fur and at first they didn't hurt him but now he's really sensitive to them. He only has them in one spot and they are about the size of a quarter. Any idea what it is??? Please help I am worried about my Poco!
  8. Horse Talk
    Okay, about a month ago my trainer got a new horse to eventually sell. He is extremely talented but was ridden in only an indoor. When he came to us we made sure to get him used to the outdoors and let him outside; rode him outside consistently. A week or two after getting him he started to get...
  9. Horse Health
    So my mare has had these bumps on her back. Almost in the center and maybe 2-4 inches down her side(on both sides). I can touch them all I want and they don't hurt her, and it's not from my saddle, or my pad. They've been there for a year and a half. Is this something I should talk to a vet about?
  10. Horse Health
    So my friends horse all of a sudden has bumps all over his body, he's stiff, and now his sheath is swollen like a balloon. The vet has no idea what it is he mentioned ******* strangles, except that he didn't go through the fisrt stage, he doesn't even have discharge from his nose. Then he...
1-10 of 10 Results