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  1. Horse Health
    Warning horse butt images Highlander is a purebred Arabian gelding who is turning 30 this month. Since September, he has been dealing with itchy butt cheeks that won’t go away. He lives 6 hours from me at a stable where I use to live. The stable owner and I are at a loss of what to try next...
  2. Horse Training
    Has anyone used these type of bands on their horses? I see there are a few different kinds or you can make your own. I tried just a loose draw rein strap on my horse lunging and he did AWESOME! But I would like to make a "real" butt strap and not sure how. How tight does it need to be and where...
  3. Horse Riding & Horse Activity
    Okay, so my bestfriend is unable to get to the barn alot to ride her horse. She lets me ride him free of charge and he's a great little boy. I'm going to be showing in childrens (2'6'' or so)but I want to make sure that we can go into it with a chance of winning. I only have a few things to...
  4. Horse Riding Critique
    Lisa, 8 y.o., not one year working under saddle yet, cross breed (25% shetland) OCT-DEC 2009: April-May 2010 Please critique her body built, muscling, whatever ;) I know she has her butt taller than her whithers, what should I do with it?
1-4 of 4 Results