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    Mod note (Jaydee) The photograph in this post is being flagged by my forum view as being ‘unsuitable for under 18’s to view. If you are also seeing this please ignore - it’s just a girl on a horse! End of Mod note. I have recently moved barns from a hunter jumper to an eventing barn. I have...
  2. General Off Topic Discussion
    We have, within the last three days, added three new members to our herd. The first one arrived on Monday. He is our new bull which we 1/2 own. We'll have him for 6 months. He is two years old (I'm pretty sure..) and 1/2 Angus 1/2 Simmental. He's a big dude. My mom has already named him Simon...
  3. General Off Topic Discussion
    I am looking into getting a milk cow for our family - a jersey. I'm gonna hand milk. anyone have any experience in this? I need to know where to get my milk buckets, etc. - Would fleet farm be a good place? Any info. you can give me would be great. Thanks :-)