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  1. Horse Breeding
    Howdy, Y'all. So, I got this 2 horses on a meadow, they are a mare and a STALLION. They are usually separated but last night she broke free and we came a lot later. The stallion was acting unusually calm once we took her away and the mare's tail was wet. The thing is, that mare was in...
  2. Rider Wellness
    I know this sounds really nerdy,which I am a nerd,but I like to have a few yoga sessions because it relaxes and calms both my mind and body,it also serves as a "warm up" because , if we warm up and stretch our horses before riding and working,shouldn't we do the same for ourselves?I also like to...
  3. Horse Health
    My horse, Harley is EXTREMELY petrified of the vet. What can I give him as an oral tranquilizer before the vet arrives? Is there anything I can eventually do to help him with his fears so I, the vet, and him don't have to deal with this anymore?
  4. Ridden Showing, Hunter/Jumper, Equitation
    Have any of you ever dealt with training an ex-barrel horse as a hunter? I have an ex-barrel racer and sometimes he gets tense and starts rushing...We have tried upward and downward transitions, but these seem to make him even more tense...What method should I use to calm him down (the weirder...
  5. Horse Feeds and Nutrition
    Has anyone every used the smartpak smart calm supplement? Does it work?
  6. Show Jumping
    I have started jumping on my horse and L-O-V-E IT!! But only after I jump it. When im starting to trot,or run, it I get so scared, and I know my horse can feel it but I cant help it. I just imagine the worst thing happening. Can anyone please give me some advise on how to keep calm when im...
  7. Horse Health
    My horse, an 8yo selle francais gelding, is an awesome jumper that i love more than anything. But he's always been SO spooky/tense. He constantly spooks at every-day things, and he is constantly refusing jumps in the rings at shows because they scare him, or something outside of the arena...
  8. Horse Health
    I have a 10 year-old gelding QH who has a grandsire w/Thoroughbred. He's very touch and go and spooks. I'm not sure if his spooking is behavioral or not, but I'm resigned to the fact I need calming agents for safety. He's generally a well-mannered horse otherwise. Which calming agent, in...
1-8 of 8 Results