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  1. Horse Talk
    Hello, just wanting to have a better opinion on what a fair wage is for really basic horse sitting as i have little to no experience in field. To fully explain the situation this is just a drop by feed hay and water, no cleaning, turning out or medically related service. it will be for 13...
  2. Horse Talk
    Just wondering what everyone's "routine" is with their horses. Feeding, exercise, etc. Mine: 7am- feed, remove muzzle 2 scoops of thyrol-l for one fatty and Triple Crown Lite 5pm-feed, put on muzzle, check water, grooming Ride whenever possible! Need a routine for this... :apple:
  3. Horse Health
    Using seaweed with horses Hey everyone! New to this forum and had a question for y'all. I have been around horses all my life, and I have began caring for my own here within the past couple years. My friend (who is a fellow equestrian) was talking to me the other day and he mentioned something...
  4. Grooming, clipping, bathing & equipment used
    Hey guys winters fast approaching and I was just wondering what everyone does to maintain a healthy and long mane. My mare has a long mane and whenever I bring her in throughout winter it's always very knotted and very messy! I have been advised to try products such as snuggy hoods which cover...
  5. Training, Performance, behavioral concerns/queries
    Hello. I have mentioned before my 5-year-old mare. Since she looks like she is in her late-term gestation period, she will probably foal. I live with my family, as I said. There are seven of us. I have three sisters and my dad, mom, and grandma. Anyways, the thing is that only me and then...
  6. Horse Health
    Hi Everyone! My rescue mare is a foundered horse. I unfortunately didn't know this when I adopted her but from what I know of her past, it was probably the reason why she was sent to auction. The cause was likely over-eating since she was a bit chunky when I got her. Right now, she gets a bit...
  7. Horse Talk
    I have recently been extremely interested in hearing about other people's horsey routines! I would love it if anyone posted what they would do in their typical days, weeks and months in regards to their horse care. (when and what they feed their horses, what types of training you do together...
  8. Horse Talk
    Hi, I'm currently studying a HNC and for my graded project I'm collecting data on peoples' experiences with equine colic, if you could fill out the questionnaire for me I'd be more than grateful. Thankyou for reading :)
  9. Horse Tack, blankets and Equipment Queries
    So I have a new to me saddle that I am in the process of cleaning and giving a good conditioning. I have noticed that the stirrup leather are very difficult to pull to adjust. Then when I finally got them pulled most of the way out, I noticed that the unfinished rough out side was kind of...
  10. Horse Health
    My 14 year old gelding was diagnosed with a calcium deposit in his front right ankle 8 years ago. He hasn't shown any lameness in the year I have had him. Is it safe to jump and barrel race like I have been doing?Yesterday after a two hour ride of low jumps and doing the barrel pattern he seemed...
  11. Hoof health and Care
    i have a horse who has at some stage in the past been nerve blocked in his front leg, and therefore has limited blood flow. for this reason and due to slight displacement within his back, he is barefoot. however now jumping 1.40m and we noticed yesterday he completely lost his footing on take...
  12. Horse Jobs Available & Seeking Positions
    Hey, I need ideas for ways to make money around the barn.. I lease a mare & am planning on buying another within the next 2 weeks. So far I have stall cleanings, grooming, clipping & braiding services... anything else?
  13. Grooming, clipping, bathing & equipment used
    I thought I would start a thread to see what everyone has in their grooming tote/box. Please let me know if you like a specific brand of something or absolutely hate something else! How many brushes? what brands? Do you have a different bathing tote/box?
  14. Horse Health
    I have been working away on the app, and it is now available in iTunes & Google Play!!! You can save your own horse's vital signs & details too. To learn more about the versions, please visit: www.livinghorses.kyhpage.html to view in iTunes (lite)...
  15. Horse Feeds, Feeding and Nutrition
    I thought I'd make a spin-off thread from my other thread, (Thread: What does this piece of tack do - for any tack you are wanting information on - I found this feed guide...
  16. Horse Health
    My horse has a cold sore in her mouth on her upper lip. What can I do for it? The flies are getting on it and bothering her a lot! Thanks Guys!
  17. Hoof health and Care
    What do you love about your farrier? What do you hate about your farrier? What would you like to see differently? What is a must-have? Any other opinions on farriers would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!
1-17 of 47 Results