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  1. New and Returning members, introduce yourself here
    When on the forums I'm on either an iPad or Samsung Galaxy Tab 3, the iPad is easier. Anyone have a suggestion how to make the forum easier to navigate from both tablets? Carrots ... What the heck is up with the carrots? lol Photo contests, are there actual, physical prizes? I might enter...
  2. New and Returning members, introduce yourself here
    carrots keep popping up on the screen! what is it!!
  3. Horse Talk
    Does your horse like apples or carrots? Oats or mints? Or do you have a special treat that your horse likes? For example, my horse Freddie LOVES carrots, hates apples, and occasionally gets honey oat biscutes or peanut butter on carrots :D Share your treat ideas! :-)
  4. Horse Forum Support Help Desk
    How do you: 1. steal carrots from offline members 2. secure ur carrots before u log off ? Thanks
  5. Horse Talk
    How do you capture the carrots?:D
  6. Horse Talk
    I feel really stupid asking this, but I can't find the answer anywhere and I didn't know where to ask it, so I'm asking it here. Could someone please tell me what carrots are and how to get them? (I don't mean literal carrots) Sorry :?
  7. Horse Forum Support Help Desk
    Hey guys I only joined yesterday and I am unsure of what this whole "carrot" idea is?? All I know is that you can hunt for them... and that Spyder has a lot!! :lol: So what I'm asking is - How do I find carrots? And how do I steal them? Thanks!
1-7 of 8 Results