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  1. Horse Tack and Equipment
    I have two 32" minis that I am wanting to train to pull a cart, unfortunately I do not have anyone I know that is familiar with this stuff! What size cart does everyone recommend? I found a good deal on a set of 2 on CL that are run down and I am willing to fix, but the lady says the...
  2. Driving
    Hi :) I just got a cart for my mini mare and the cart has Bike Tires... HOW can I "easily" turn them into sledding material? Idea's?? picture? thanks!
  3. Driving
    I couldn't find this subject on here but I have a probably stupid question. I recently got into an accident and practically shattered my knee, the doctors say it will probably be a year to two years at least for me to ride and even then there is no guarantee on that time frame. I work and...
  4. Driving
    I will be doing some "trail riding" with my driving horse and want to know what everyone thinks is the best vehicle. Either 2 wheeled or 4. Give me information on both. I have a 2 wheeled cart, but I know it won't last and it isn't much fun as the ride is awful! But I got it REALLY cheap at an...
  5. Driving
    I have a pony cart that doesn't fit my little guy- the rings are too far back on the shaves (is that spelling right?). The cart is unbalanced and always wants to tip backwards. :shock: My trainer said if I can get a welder to put rings farther forward on the shaves, the cart will be better...
  6. Driving
    I want to know that how much weight a horse can pull easily on a horse cart(a light cart).For racehorses and draft horses.Thanks a lot for your answer!! Ujjal
  7. Driving
    I drive my mini mare, Ruby and every time she goes out in her cart, especially while trotting, the cart bounces all over the place. We got the cart for free. It was used on a fjord but we got the shafts bent in to fit Ruby. Why is this happening?
1-7 of 7 Results