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    Hi to everybody I am the CEO of a Hotel in a country called Macedonia and I am writing here because of a very specific problem without many solutions. My hotel is a mountain hotel in the town of Krusevo (Hotel Montana Palace), where there is a sizeable minority living out of stealing wood...
  2. Other Pets
    hello, i was just wondering does anyone have or know of a dog that chases horses sort of like a prey thing. If so how do i fix it because i would like to ride with my horse and dog without one of them getting hurt. Thankyou! ( i just made an account on here so im new)
  3. Horse Breeds
    I wasn't really sure where to put this, since it doesn't really fit anywhere,but if there is a better place please move it. So today i was telling my mom about how the other morning when i left for work i noticed the bird feeders were smashed all over the driveway and she said it was probably a...