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  1. Horse Health
    I got my horse about 5 months ago. hes a 17 year old paint gelding. Im trying to figure out if my horse needs a chiropractor or not. I have a vet coming out next friday to give coggins and rabies, but im tempted to cancel it and wait till june to get shots and his teeth floated together. As it...
  2. Show Jumping and using jumping in training
    Hi there! So, long story and kinda at a dead end. I have a 11 year old thoroughbred, never raced, who sat in the field for basically his whole life until two years ago. I bought him, and started him. He's a chestnut pinto with a lot of attitude, but we've gotten past most of the attitude...
  3. Horse Health
    I have a miniature called Pip who is nearly 3 years old. He has never been ridden but I free jump him over up to 80cm. I also have taught him tricks up such as how to paw and bow. He also has sweet itch therefore wears a sweet itch rug. However, yesterday when I went down, I was teaching him to...
  4. Horse Health
    Looking for a horse Chiropractor after the farrier checked out Boo and how he was moving strangely he agrees with me that he should see one. Issue is? Don't know of any in this area. I've tried looking it up online with no results. And have asked local vets. Any ideas?
  5. Horse Health
    My horse was running around bucking during a rainy day. The next day he was lame, he still is lame. He did it around Friday of last week. I thought at first it was from an old abscess but I was wrong. He has been acting like it is his front but I think it is his hip. His hip has been cracking...
  6. Horse Health
    A few months ago I was going to have a chiropractor out for my horse but was talked out of it by a friend. But recently I've been noticing things that people say chiropractors can fix. He pins his ears while putting the saddle on and moving it or the pad but doesn't mind the cinch. He's...
  7. Horse Health
    Can anyone reccomend me a good equine chiropractor in Washington state in the Olympia area? Or someone who would be willing to travel the area? Thank you!
  8. Horse Health
    Just out of curiosity, what is your opinion on equine chiropractors? Has chiropractic work helped your horse?
  9. Horse Health
    Justr another quick question - yesterday when i checked how my furry boy was doing after his dentist check the previous day , i decided that i would try and help him better understand a few things surrounding lunging without ropes. Big concern popped up - on a canter he was hopping - or it...
  10. Horse Health
    Hi All, Thank you for taking the time to read my question and to provide me with some feedback. I have recently begun doing some investigative research into the benefits of equine chiropractic and massage work. I have two horses that I use simply for pleasure and trail but the one has been...
  11. Horse Health
    So the chiropractor is coming out on march 12th and I am considering getting my horse seen. He started back to training 2 weeks ago, we're now working on dressage, I'm completely switching over, we usually ride hunt seat(only on the flat, i hate to jump), but the past year I havent seriously...
1-11 of 12 Results