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  1. General Off Topic Questions & Discussion
    Hey everyone!! How was your Christmas? My Christmas was amazing went down to my friends barn and fell in love with a gray mare named Tequila. I finally jumped for the first time it was scary!! But i got used to it. I got to see the cows and we went on a huge trail ride!! Which was amazing...
  2. Horse Talk
    T-2 hours until it's officially December. My favorite part about the holiday season is giving cool presents to the people I like (not expensive, but cool). I've started thinking about what I'm going to get my horsey friends for Christmas. Of course we're all horse poor, and I'm craft/art geek...
  3. Horse Tack, blankets and Equipment Queries
    I need to find somewhere to buy the soloshot 2. dover is out of stock. It is a Christmas gift for my sister. please help me. does anyone know where I can buy one?
  4. General Off Topic Questions & Discussion
    I've been considering hiring a photographer to do our Christmas photos (i'm running out of time, I know lol) and I really want to include our 3 horses...just wondering if anyone has any pictures for inspiration?! Thanks :)
  5. Horse Pictures
    I want to see how you guys "decorate" your horses for the holidays! I took this photo a few years ago for a Christmas card. I love the expressions on their faces! Oh the things we do to them...if they could roll their eyes at me, I'm sure they would have. :wink:
  6. Horse Talk
    Daisy is my sidekick helping out the Salvation Army with me. Today we were at Tractor Supply in Waterville, Maine.
  7. Horse Pictures
    Perhaps it's just me, but every year I try and take a photo of me and my horse/horses to use for Christmas cards. It's been a tradition of mine ever since I got my first horse back in 2004. I figured surely I can't be the only horse-crazed person out there who has done this sort of thing. If so...
  8. English Riding Queries & Discussions
    To see all Jumps and Frames
  9. Show Jumping and using jumping in training
    To see all Jumps and Frames
  10. Horse Pictures
    I'm looking for pics that you have put on your christmas cards before ( of your HORSE(S) and you!) I need idea's of what kind of photoshoot I need to try :) thanks!!
  11. Horse Talk
    ..The time of year's coming! As of now my list's quite short: Saddle :lol: (my poor parents.) What's on your horsey Christmas list?
  12. Horse Talk
    The town that I live in has a yearly Christmas parade and this year I would like to ride my horse in it and have him look cute and "christmassy". I am just wondering if anyone has pictures of your horse or yourself in Christmas attire for a parade or if you have any advice on being in a parade...
  13. Horse Pictures
    Upload pictures of your horses in the snow! Or with a Santa hat. Or just any old picture!! I'd love to see them all :) !
  14. Horse Pictures
    Having a little Christmas fun with my mare, Pie. ;D
  15. Horse Talk
    Do you visit your horse on Christmas? Get him/her anything? If so what? What horse related stuff do you ask for?
  16. Official Horse Forum Photography Competition
    post your pictures of you, your horse or both of you in Xmas fancy dress! this could be fun...
  17. Grooming, clipping, bathing & equipment used
    I'm going caroling on horse-back tonight (yes, tonight; give me a break here, I've had test after test all week long to study for in school) and in order to ride you have to have battery operated Christmas lights on your horse in some way. I've got the lights, but figuring out how to put said...
1-17 of 18 Results