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  1. Horse Tack, blankets and Equipment Queries
    So I bought this saddle yesterday, brought it home, cleaned it up, and inevitably got bit with the "need more info" bug that gets me whenever I get my hands on something old. However, I can't find anything on it indicating anything about it other than the stamps on the fenders - the tooling on...
  2. Horse Tack, blankets and Equipment Queries
    I was looking at this saddle on horseclicks and I am interested in purchasing it, but as a rookie to riding, tack, and horses I want to make sure I am getting a fair deal. I was talking to the seller through text and she sent me a pic of it on her mare and it looks nice. She is asking $400, is...
  3. Share your own opinions on Horse Tack & Equipment
    Is it just me, or does the Circle Y Park and Trail saddle model 3626 seem to be for sale a lot on ebay, and other classifieds? I'm looking for a nice used trail saddle between $600 and $900 dollars and it seems like this model could be good. However, it makes me nervous...
1-3 of 4 Results