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  1. General Off Topic Questions & Discussion
    Hi everyone, I have to do a survey for a philosophy class and was wondering if you guys could help me out. If so, I'd really appreciate it! Here's the link:
  2. Equine Careers and Education
    There are currently two equine-related courses for free on The newest one is an introduction to basic care and management of horses, donkeys, and mules. The course won't begin until May 27th, 2014. I've seen a couple other posts...
  3. Horse Shows
    What saddleseat equtation classes offer a pattern with in that class?
  4. Western Riding Queries & Competition sub forums
    I have a turtleneck, longsleve showmanship shirt that is pink with roses. It doesn't have cuffs or a collar. Am I allowed to wear this in a riding class like western pleasure? The shows are small and local, with usually about five in a class. Can I use a medium oil saddle with a dark oil...
  5. General Riding queries
    What is a working hack class at pony club? It says in the pattern given on the program to perform rollbacks and back ups, so is it for stock horses? Or is it for anyone?
  6. Horse Talk
    Hello, I am in need of a little advice from you guys. Particuraly people who often show their horses and have been in divisions where class Champion and Reserve Champion are awarded. I am in a division this year and I compete in the show three times a year. There is a Champion and Reserve...
  7. Horse Talk
    Hello, this year I am competing in costume classes that have year end awards with my pony. I need six easy and low budget horse costume ideas.. I also am reanacting the scene from Romeo & Juliet where Romeo and Tybalt fight exept I am doing it on horseback. Any tips? I have to fall off...
  8. Horse Shows
    My first show was last weekend! It was great!!! The only problem was that Bee was being bad when she was in the warm-up ring. She gets excited when she knows shes going to show, so she tried to canter every time I got on her in the warm-up. But a little later after I was done schooling her one...
  9. Official Horse Forum Photography Competition
    Hi, i have a big 16.3 hand sorrel quarter horse and i'm entering a costume class at the fair this year, i was thinking about batman and robin, or a tiger and a zoo keeper? I really need help we have less then a month to put together a costume! Any ideas? and if i were to go with the tiger how...
  10. Horse Shows
    Hi there! i have a 2 year old arabian mare (pictured in icon). i was thinking of starting to do some halter classes with her until she is older. anyway i found this adorable halter for her. shes very well mannered on the ground, and a pleasure to work with. i was planning on doing some...
1-10 of 10 Results