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  1. Horse Riding & Horse Activity
    I've been riding for a while now, and have tried a bunch of sports bras now. None really fit properly nor keep everything in place. I've heard that riding vests are supposed to help with this issue but I'm not too sure...advice or suggestions would be greatly appreciated, thanks! :)
  2. Tack and Equipment Classifieds
    Hello Everyone! I have a few clothing items that I have for sale. Used western and English show clothes for sale! The clothes vary from women’s medium to a women’s large. Please see measurements under each picture. Prices include shipping to the lower 48. Stored in a smoke free home and...
  3. Plus Sized Riders
    Anyone have any good recommendation for some sturdy yet comfortable breeches? I'm not looking for anything fancy, I don't plan on showing anytime soon. I just need a good pair for riding both English and Western, and doing a little bit of barn work. I haven't worn actual breeches since I was a...
  4. English Riding
    Hi everybody, I was wondering if you could tell me where the best place to buy show clothes is. I'm looking for cheap and decent/good quality (yes, I know that those two words don't belong in the same sentence). Anyway, I was wondering if you could tell me where the best place is to buy them...
  5. Horse Talk
    I have a serious problem with horsehair on my riding clothes. My lesson horse is a chestnut overo, and that means white hairs. Her left shoulder, where I usually pet her, is absolutely white. And, because Spring is coming, she's shedding like a madman. After my lesson, I am completely covered in...
  6. Tack and Equipment Classifieds
    I have a ton of stuff I need to get rid of. Lots of show clothes, tack and other things. I accept Paypal only and will most likely ship everything with FedEx. I'll include the pictures I have. Some stuff I don't currently have pictures of but I can get them for anyone interested. This thread is...
  7. Horse Show Clothing
    I've never shown before and hope to start entering hunter and maybe jumper schooling shows in a few months. I've been looking at pictures online and trying to figure out what's in style but would love some feedback from you people who consistantly show as to what's being worn. First off, I have...
  8. Horse Show Clothing
    i got a new show coat for christmas for the 2013 season. i tried it on and it seemed to fit well, but when i bent my arms, my sleeves came up past my wrist. my old show coat i outgrew halfway through last season so it really didn't fit either way and the sleeves were too short then. but i was...
  9. Horse Show Clothing
    I have been barrel racing for about a year, and my show clothes are just not right. There just too not flashy but i don't want sparkly. I have my horses color as Purple, so no clashing colors please. Help!
  10. Eventing
    Hi guys! I'm looking to get a new dressage coat. I have one currently that isn't tailored at all and I look like a potato sack when I wear it. I don't like it at all! What coat brand/model do you recommend for a more tailored look that isn't so potato sack-ish? :p
  11. Horse Talk
    First, the pronunciation. Does "breeches" rhyme with "beaches" or does it rhyme with "witches"? I've heard both. Second, the differences between breeches and jodhpurs. I went to go try some breeches on today (clearly labeled breeches) and I was surprised at how long they were. What...
  12. Horse Talk
    Heres the deal. I hate pants, really. I have a couple pairs of jeans that I wear when I really need to, but that's it. I don't wear those tight riding jodhpurs, I think they are worse than jeans. When I show I wear the proper stuff that I need to wear but I always hate it. I ride western and I'm...
  13. Horse Show Clothing
    I'm going to be on my college's equestrian team either this year or next year. I used to ride in about 7th-9th grade but had to stop because of marching band (I was going to be a music education major, but decided to change majors because I didn't like it). I'm going to need some riding...
  14. Tack and Equipment Classifieds
    Black Med Womens Chaps for sale - good condition - $85 Sorrel 1 lb tail, 34 in long - great condition - $65 Yearling Show Halter - $50 (brand new) Black felt hat - $20 Black rail jacket - $40 Email for pics - [email protected]
  15. Horse Show Clothing
    Hey guys! I need help Our school is doing an inter school equestrian games day, There's a fancy dress comp with the theme 'April fools' (its held on April the first) and i need help with a costume I already know people who are going as jokers, clowns etc so i need something original. Please...
  16. Horse Show Clothing
    Does anyone know of a good place to advertise slightly used show clothes? I have tried craigslist, horseclicks, etc...are there any other good sights? Thanks!! Kristi
  17. Horse Show Clothing
    Sorry but I don't have a picture of my mare. She is a chestnut roan Appaloosa mare, with frosting, snowflakes, and roaning over her topline, stockings on both left legs, 1/2 a stocking on her right rear leg, and a pastern on her right for leg. Along with a dorsal stripe and all of the Appalooa...
  18. Western Riding
    I am thinking of trying some really low level western pleasure classes with my mare this summer. I am new to the western world and was wondering what type of clothes you would wear?
  19. Tack and Equipment Classifieds
    hey, my mom, does b-e-a-utiful western show clothes and they are cheap! she does pleasure blouses, jackets, chaps, leadline, and more her buisness is called winning colors show attire here is her website please check it out!
1-19 of 20 Results