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  1. Hoof health and Care
    I have a QH that is 5y/o and he's probably one of the best horses I've ever worked with.. except he has *very* tender feet. He has a very mild case of club foot (it's so mild that until you look very closely at his feet, they look normal) and overall, his feet suck. The hoof walls have irregular...
  2. Hoof health and Care
    Hi all, I'm endeavoring to research as much as I can before I get my part-board horse back on the 15th... Consider this a pick-your-brain session, if anyone's interested in participating.... He has been away on lease for the last year, and needless to say (b/c I'm now convinced leasing is a...
  3. Training, Performance, behavioral concerns/queries
    About 2 years ago, a little colt was born at our barn. His mother was the most beautiful dun quarter horse (super perfect and super sweet and only 14.3 or 15 hands) and his sire was a Grade A Welsh Pony. We were hoping for a little jumping pony and he is definately the right size, but poor...
1-3 of 3 Results