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  1. Horse Breeds
    Hi all! I have a mare I bought last year at a black Friday auction. I've recently had the urge to know more about her, so I dug up her Coggins paper. She doesn't have a name or registration number, but under breed there's an "SH". Sport horse? She's not that type though, she's a stocky reiner...
  2. New to Horses
    I am taking in a horse that the owner couldn't afford to feed anymore. I was told that her coggins are current, but is there a way to prove it? I guess a piece of paper or something?
  3. Horse Health
    My property shares a fencelines with a horse owner on the south and another neighboring horse owner on the east. Yesterday we found my south neighbors colt, dead, caught up in some vines and fencing. As I was helping them untangle the colt we got to talking about thier other horses. I found out...
1-3 of 3 Results