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  1. Horse Colors and Genetics
    Hi all.. I'm new to all the colour genetics of breeding horses but I'm searching for a Buckskin filly to buy and have come across an advertised buckskin filly.. But in all its photos it appears to have a white mane, but still slightly dark points and a dark tail. Will the mane darken in time or...
  2. Horse Colors and Genetics
    This is Ekko, she's ten months old. I apologize for her scruffy looking coat, it's muddy and shedding season. Ekko's dam is a brown roan percheronxsomething. Her sire is a leopard appy. Ekko was born a grulla/silvery colour. She shed out that coat quite quickly and appeared brown with a lighter...
  3. Horse Tack, blankets and Equipment Queries
    We've got a new little chestnut roan pony arriving soon. He is too young for riding and is in very bad condition at the moment! (A rescue case mentioned on the 'Horse Care' forum!) I'm looking to buy him a halter before he arrives. I'm a very big fan of colour coordination :'D What colours do...
  4. Horse Colors and Genetics
    What is the gray and white spotty marking you get on welsh cobs called?
  5. Horse Colors and Genetics
    My horse is very oddly coloured but I'm still waiting for her seal bay test to come back. I have a feeling she might just be a dark dark bay with a sunbathed tail (its brown) but I have never seen a bay horse with such a weird leg marking. On the front of her hind leg there is a very thin but...
  6. Horse Colors and Genetics
    I know this is a Orlov Trotter, but what colour is he? Is it just plan white?:-|
  7. Horse Colors and Genetics
    I have a dark bay Thoroughbred mare. She has one white sock on her off-hind leg, and a large uneven blaze. We are planning to get her in foal to a Paloosa stallion (palomino with white patches over top of his rump, blaze and one sock). My mare's sire was brown, and dam was bay. The stallion's...
  8. Horse Talk
    As a novice horse owner, I've still got a lot to learn. A lot of it I'm picking up through reading, talking to other horse owners, from practice. But there are occasional small things that continue to baffle me. Like, seasonal horse colour changes. How do they work? My horse Dubbin's black...
  9. Horse Colors and Genetics
    I've had much debate over the colour of my horse - people tell me he is chestnut, liver chestnut, flaxen chestnut and some people say he is bay; another even said that it has been died that colour :lol: I'm leaning towards liver chestnut, but all posts I've read about liver chestnut say the...
  10. Horse Tack, blankets and Equipment Queries
    Do you guys know any tack colours that would look good on my horse (Milkshake) she is a mare. i will post pics. you can post a pic of that tack or just say a colour.
  11. Horse Colors and Genetics
    I have just brought a new horse she is a mare and her name is kelly, im getting alot of new stuff for her but i cant realy do that untill i find the colour that goes best with her, ill atach a picture of her. Thanks :)
  12. English Riding Queries & Discussions
    What colour numnah and girth would you use with a brown dressage saddle on a chestnut and white pinto.
  13. Horse Colors and Genetics
    I cant seem to find and colour to go with my horse. His a chestnut/taffy colour. I will put a photo up of him when i can :) Thanks :3
  14. Horse Breeds, Registrations and Brands
    I've just bought a nine month old Shetland cross and the fathers breed was unknown. Mini has pink skin but around her lips she has black spots and she also has black spots under her tail . . . does this mean that she might have an appy colour when she gets older? Right now she is a dark fluffy...
1-14 of 15 Results