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  1. Horse Health
    Ok, so I'm getting two Shetland/miniatures as pets and company for my other horse. I have two paddocks, a smaller one that is sand and a huge one of lush grass. So I need grazing muzzles for the minis when in the grass paddock but I can move them to the sand at night or whenever to take them off...
  2. Equine Careers and Education
    So I have decided this year to really dedicate 2014 to gaining as many new horse related experiences as possible! However, I'm pretty stuck right now as far as brainstorming goes. I have had a horse for 4 years and have been working at a boarding barn for over 6 months and I know that whatever I...
  3. Horse Talk
    My mom does a few direct sales companies (Mary Kay,Avon,Scentsy,Origami Owl,things like that),and the other day I got the idea that someone should make one centered around horses! Like maybe sell halters,bridles,saddle blankets,horse T-shirts,horse jewelry,horse gifts in general?? Anyone know of...
  4. Farm and Garden Forum
    I was wondering, because when i become 15, in 2 years, i might be getting my first horse! but im not really sure if they NEED a companion, like a little shetland for company, can anyone help?
1-4 of 4 Results