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  1. Art and Craft Work
    nothing fancy... I don't claim to be an artist... but I love to play with crayons, pastels, and use my computer for a bit of help.
  2. Teen Talk
    Well.. I need some help with whats been on my mind lately. There are two things. So... here goes the first one: I moved to a new school in 7th grade (now a freshman in HS), and instantly became friends with about everyone in my class (about 15 people). As half the first year went by, people...
  3. Technology
    I got Office 2007 Home and Student for my computer and it came with a program i've never heard of before called OneNote. So far I like it! It's a way to take notes using your computer! I'm planning on using it to convert my horse training and other horse binders into electronic documents. If...