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  1. Horse Health
    Hey guys I have 3 horses and I was wondering if you guys could help me score them 1 of these horses is a rescue I know scoring off photos is different then scoring them when you can touch but I just need a bit of reassurance on my score. I used the Henneke horse body condition scoring system.
  2. Horse Health
    Before and after pictures from when Ella first came to present. Please tell me what you think and how/if I can improve any areas. Bum
  3. Horse Health
    Hi Everyone, So I'm interested in hearing more about two feeds competing at the moment... Equijewel by K.E.R. and Vitamite Power On by Mitavite EquiJewel: 1kg Digestible energy 18-19MJ Crude protein(min) 13% Crude fat 18-20% Crude fibre (max) 13% Calcium (min) 2.25% Phosphorus (min)...
  4. Hoof Care
    Hello, I need help! My horse, Riddler, has been known to have really bad feet, he is the master at loosing shoes or having bad feet. I haven't been able to ride him for a week or two now and we have been using Hoof Alive which I'm guessing is working. Today was this first time out in the...
  5. Horse Health
    Ok, so I've just started leasing a 20 year old TB. He used to jump 6ft, but hasn't been ridden in over a year. I was wondering how you would go about conditioning him. I'm hoping to have him jump again (not nearly as high of course) if he passes his vet check. Thanks!!